Ehsaas Loan Program

The latest news about Ehsaas loan program. To enroll in the 2023 Ehsaas loan program, you can use the written or oral methods. Your eligibility will be determined by scorecard. Once you get the official information, you can access the application and business plan form. Your completed application, along with the necessary documents should be submitted at the final stage of loan Process.

The government of Pakistan is giving loan collection from 5 to 15 lakhs to the younger. Its aim is to help people start businesses, solve the problem of homelessness and improve living conditions People have the option to build a house in Pakistan using program like Ehsaas loan program. The government allows banks to give loans for this purpose, and you can access these loans through banks.

Ehsaas loan program

Ehsaas Loan Program in Pakistan

A range of programs have been established around the world to struggle poverty. The Ehsaas loan program in Pakistan is one of the efforts aimed at reducing poverty. Agreed that a substantial section of Pakistan population is categorized as being poor, the economy there is marked by stand for poverty. The rate of poverty in the nation has much rise since 2019. The Ehsaas program offers loan to Pakistan citizens with talented or work experience, allowing them to use the money to launch their own business.

Ehsaas Loan Program Payment process

The new loan of the program, you do not have to pay anything on 5 Lakh and in addition on 15 Lakh you have to pay a five percent interest in which it will be collected from you. You will start getting this loan soon after about 50 days. Makes interest -free loans more accessible and affordable to wider groups of peoples. If you option for an interest-free loan of Rs 75 lakh, seven percent interest will be applicable.  Eligibility for the loan scheme will be determined online.

Feature Description
Funding Source Federal and provincial governments
Funding Amount (2019-2020) 5 billion from the federal government
Loan Amount Ehsaas Loan of 75,000 (Average Loan Size: Rs. 30,000)
Support Services Business advisory services, connections with financial institutions
Eligible Age Range 18 to 60 years
Eligibility Criteria Households with misery scorecard ranking 0-40, valid CNIC
Residency Requirement Resident of targeted union council within the district
Business Plan Must have an economically viable business plan

Ehsaas Loan Program Online Apply

Ehsaas Loan program is complete available all over 23 and organizations in a group known as Pos. These include the mini branch offices in cities and towns as well as the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) in rural areas. Through loan centers located in 129 districts across the country, you can avail this program The official website provides information about eligibility requirements, district details, loan center names and partner organizations implementing the program.

Ehsaas loan program

Ehsaas loan Program PPAF Application Process
Steps What You Need to Do
Visit an Ehsaas Loan Center Go to a place that helps with Ehsaas loans.
Check If You Qualify They’ll see if you can get an Ehsaas loan using a special card.
Sign Up for the Ehsaas Loan Program Tell them you want to join the Ehsaas loan program.
Get Forms for Applying Get papers to fill out so they understand your needs.
Give Them the Papers They Need Hand in all the papers they ask for to get your loan.
Prepare for Business in Submit for Ehsaas Loan Program

Collect Basic Business Information

  • Get details about the business you are interested in.

Reasons to Start 

  • Remember in your mind why you want to start this business.

Production and Sales Targets

  • Decide what you will make and how much you will sell.

Marketing Strategy

  • Remember how you will tell Bankers about your business.

Business Expenses

  • List the costs of running your business.

Cost Estimation of Future Projects

  • Estimate how much money you will need for future business ventures.

Financial Resources

  • Check how much money you already have.

Estimation of Profit

  • Estimate how much money your business can make.
Ehsaas Loan Program Eligibility and Requirements

 Age Limit

  • You should be between 18 to 60 years of age.

Poverty Scorecard

  • You must belong to families with a poverty scorecard rating of 0 to 40.

 Valid ID

  • You need a valid National Identity Card (CNIC).


  • You must be a resident of the target union council within the district.

Business Plan

  • You must have a viable business plan that makes economic sense.
Main Purpose of Article

The main purpose of this article is to provide information about the Ehsaas Loan Program. It details how people can join the program, what they need to do to qualify, and what benefits they can get. The article also mentions that the government is giving loans to young people to start businesses and improve their lives. It talks about eligibility criteria, such as age and financial situation, and how to apply for a loan. the article mentions that the program has partners and organizations that help make it accessible to more people. Overall, the article aims to help readers understand how they can get financial support to start their businesses and improve their living conditions.


How can I apply for Ehsaas Interest Free Loan Program?

  • You can apply online through the official website or visit your nearest loan center.

What is the age limit to be eligible for the program?

  • Age limit is between 18 to 60 years.

Are there any special requirements for a business plan?

  • Yes, you must have an economically possible business plan for your application to be considered.

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