Latest News: Benazir And Ehsaas Nashonuma Program 2024 Registration

The Benazir and Ehsaas Nashonuma Program 2024 helps pregnant women in Pakistan who don’t have much money. It started in 2019 to make sure pregnant women and their babies get good healthcare and food.

Benazir Nashonuma Program 2024 Overview

This program helps pregnant women buy medicines and healthy food. It also makes sure they have regular check-ups for a healthy pregnancy.

New Registration

You can join the program by going to registration centers in different places.


Visit a registration center to join. After that, you will get check-ups, health advice, and tips on what to eat.

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Monthly Stipend

If you join, you will get money every month, from Rs. 2000 to 2500, to help take care of the baby. They also give advice on staying healthy.

Ehsaas Nashonuma Program 2024 – Program’s Purpose

This program wants to teach people about eating healthy and staying fit. It also wants to stop sickness, like anemia, in babies and young kids.

Eligibility Criteria

This program is for pregnant women who don’t have much money and live in Pakistan.

Help Line and Contact Information

If you have questions, you can call 051-9210047 or email

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Final Verdict

It’s important to join the Benazir and ehsaas Nashonuma Program  2024 early to make sure moms and babies get the best care. This program is a big step help pregnant women and make sure babies are born healthy.

Ehsaas Nashonuma Program 2024  Key Objectives

This program is made to help kids stop from being sick because they don’t have enough food. Here are the main things it wants to do.

Stop Long term Sickness in Kids

It focuses on helping kids under 2 years old so they can grow up healthy.

Help Moms Gain Healthy Weight

It wants to make sure pregnant moms gain the right amount of weight for a healthy pregnancy.

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Fight Blood and Nutrition Problems

It works to stop problems like anemia in pregnant women and young kids.

Teach About Health and Nutrition

It tells moms and caretakers about healthy food and how to take care of their families.

Easy Access to Healthcare

It helps make sure families can easily go to doctors and get good food to prevent sickness.

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Significance of the Ehsaas Nashonuma Program 2024

This program is important because it helps with big problems like kids being too small, not growing tall, and being sick. It wants to make sure kids grow up healthy when they are little.

Main Purpose of article 

The main Purpose of article about Ehsaas Nashonuma Program 2024 is very important for families in Pakistan. It helps pregnant women and kids under 2 years old by giving money and teaching about healthy food. This program wants to make sure every family is healthy and has a good future.

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