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Pakistan is facing a child nutrition crisis with high rates of underfeeding, the second-highest trouble country in the region. First 1,000 days of a child’s life are important for leave a strong foundation for later development. Investing in early childhood is necessary for human assets and economic growth.

The BISP has realize a Conditional Cash Transfer involvement. The Nashonuma Programm plan to improve health and nutrition services for beneficiaries, focusing on avoid do something, improving weight gain in pregnant women, reducing anemia and micronutrient shortage, and raising awareness of gentle and child health.

Nashonuma program

The Nashonuma program provides extra cash to pregnant and lactating women and children under 1 years of age. The mothers commit to attending regular health checks, awareness meeting, strong specialized nutritious food, and make sure vaccination and regular health checks for their children.

Nashonuma program

Nashonuma Program was primarily piloted in 15 districts and has now been expanded to 159 districts across the country, operating through a network of over 470 Nashonuma Centers. over 700,000 persons, together with 350,700 pregnant women and 400,000 children.

Nashonuma program

The cash received by the applicant depends on their specific situation and eligibility as part of the Nashonuma Program.  According to the information provided, pregnant and lactating women, healthy boy children, receive PKR 2,000 per quarter, even as girl children receive PKR 2,500 per quarter from BISP beneficiary families.

This extra cash transfer is given to give confidence the beneficiaries to attend regular antenatal health checks, awareness meeting during pregnancy, use specialized nutritious food, and make sure vaccination and regular health checks for their children. The correct amount received would be determined based on these conditions and the person’s status as a beneficiary.Investing in children give way many benefits for both persons and society.

Nashonuma program

Bisp Nashonuma Program some benefits of investing in children


  1. Nashonuma Program Human assets growth

Children are the future personnel and leaders of society. investing in their education and well-being, we improve their knowledge, skills, and abilities, contributing to overall human capital development, which is fundamental for economic growth and wealth.

  1. Nashonuma Program Improved Health and benefit

Providing proper nutrition, healthcare, and a nurturing environment during childhood promotes better physical and mental health throughout their lives, reducing the load of healthcare costs and attractive the overall comfort of the population.

Nashonuma program

  1. Nashonuma Program Breaking the Cycle of poor quality in Pakistan

When children receive quality education and health support, they are more likely to break free from the cycle of poverty. This give power to them to follow better opportunities, secure stable employment, and improve their living conditions in the long sprint.

  1. Nashonuma Program Social and Economic good organization

Knowledgeable and healthy children grow up to be creative members of society. They are more likely to contribute positively to their communities and be actively engaged in the economy, leading to increased efficiency and higher standards of living.

Nashonuma program

  1. Nashonuma Program originality and development

Investing in children’s education and nurturing their originality helps drive advance and progress. Many expansion in science, technology, and different field are results of promotion young minds.

  1. Nashonuma Program Stronger Families and district

Supporting children’s interests strengthens families and communities. When children receive the care and attention they need, it advance a sense of unity and social pulling together, leading to stronger and more supportive communities.

Nashonuma program

  1. Nashonuma Program Social Stability and Peace:

Investing in children’s education and providing them with opportunities reduces the risk of social fighting and volatility. skilled children are more likely to become responsible citizens and supply positively to society, leading to a more peaceful and sweet environment.

  1. Nashonuma Program long-standing Economic Growth

A well-educated and healthy population contributes to sustainable economic growth. This creates a positive cycle where economic success allows for further investments in education and health, leading to more progress and development.

Nashonuma program

Nashonuma Program Investing in children is a planned approach that not only benefits human being children but also leads to positive outcomes for society, growth a brighter and more talented future.

Receive benefits from the Nashonuma Program or any other similar conditional cash transfer get in the way, people require following .The chosen application and eligibility process. While the specific steps may be different depending on the program’s requirements and the country’s policies.

There are some general steps that are usually involved

  1. How to Check Online Eligibility:

People must first determine if they fit the requirements for eligibility established by the Nashonuma Programme. This may involve elements like economic level, size of the family, pregnancy status, and age of the kids.

  1. How to Registration online and Submit Application Online

In order to participate in the Nashonuma Program, candidates must register and submit an application. They must need go to a  Bisp office, Bisp centers, or the Official Website to complete the required paperwork and present the pertinent records to demonstrate their Check eligibility.

Nashonuma program
  1. Document need for Online Registration

If necessary, applicants may asked for to submit identity card some papers, proof of address, childrens birth certificates, and other pertinent information.

  1. How to Verify your Cnic online Nashonuma Program

Nashonuma program

There will be a verification once your fill the application has been submitted by Bisp nashonuma to Make sure  the data is correct and the applicant satisfies the program requirements.

  1. Recruitment For Eligiblity in Nashonuma Program

The Nashonuma Program will accept qualified applicants when the verification is finished by team, and their recruitment will be verified by Bisp Nashonuma program.

  1. Peoples and Compliant

As part of the conditional cash transfer program, beneficiaries must fulfill with certain requirements. This may include attending regular antenatal health checks, awareness sessions during pregnancy, vaccination and health check-ups for children, and consuming specialized nutritious food.

Nashonuma program
  1. Cash Transfer Process in Your Account

Upon fulfilling the program’s conditions, beneficiaries will start receiving cash transfers at specified time, as outline in the Nashonuma program’s rule.

Nashonuma program

Most Important note

The steps and events may be different from one program to another, so persons interested in participating in the Nashonuma Program should look for information from official sources or designated Nashonuma Program  offices to understand the specific requirements and procedures in their area.

Main Purpose of Article

The main purpose article is to provide information about various government program in Pakistan aimed at improving education, healthcare, and nutrition for vulnerable populations. It explains the objectives, eligibility criteria, and application processes for these programs, emphasizing the importance of investing in children’s well-being and future.


What is the Nashonuma Program?

  •    The Nashonuma Program is a Pakistani scheme that provides cash support to pregnant and lactating women and children under one year to improve their health and nutrition by attending health check-ups and meeting specific requirements.


How can I apply for these government programs?

  •   To apply, you generally need to check your eligibility, register online or at designated offices, submit required documents, and fulfill program conditions like attending health checks or enrolling in schools.


What are the benefits of investing in children’s education and health?

  •    Investing in children leads to improved human capital, better health, poverty reduction, economic growth, social stability, innovation, and long-term economic development, benefiting both persons and society


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