14000 Guzara Scheme 2024

In an effort to help people who don’t have much money, the Zakat Department, with guidance from the Chief Minister, started something called the 14000 Guzara Scheme. This plan aims to give support to 110,000 families during Ramazan a special month for Muslims. Let learn more about this program and how it helps the community.

Understanding the 14000 Guzara scheme

This program gives Rs14,000 to each of the 110,000 families who are part of it. This money is really important for families struggling to pay for things during Ramazan when expenses are higher.

14000 Guzara Scheme

Dealing with Challenges

The Chief Minister knows that prices often go up during Ramazan because of inflation and other reasons. To stop this they are doing a few things.

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Stopping People who Raise Prices too Much

Some people try to make extra money by raising prices too high. The government is working to stop this and make sure prices are fair.

Making Sure there Enough for Everyone

They are also making sure there enough food and other things for everyone so nobody goes without.

Help from Companies and People

To make this program work the government needs help from companies and people who have more money. Their help is really important to reach more families and help them out.

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What the Government is Doing

The Chief Minister told the government to do a few things to make sure this program works well.

Watching Prices at the Market

They are keeping an eye on prices at the market. to make sure things are not too expensive.

Working with Police

They are working with the police to make sure. everyone follows the rules and nobody cheats.

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Keep the Lights On

They are making sure there enough electricity during important times like when people are eating before sunrise or after sunset.

Who Can Get Help

Families that signed up with the Zakat Department can get this help.

Main Purpose of article

The 14000 Guzara Scheme is a big help for many families. the government companies and people who can give more, this program can make life easier for those who need it. Let’s all do our part to help each other especially during special times like Ramazan.